My Little Birdie Told Me

My Little Birdie Told Me

JackieI guess for a personal style preference I would say I fancy a little bit of vintage renaissance, steam punk, gypsy, and maybe even a little Pirates of the Caribbean!! But most might be a little inappropriate unless you’re in Hollywood or a rock band! Never the less, I will attempt to put my own twist on the styles I like, and no matter how fancy the party dress…. I say bare foot is the way to go!

Do what you love….right?!


On a decorative note, I delight in SO MANY different things, styles, and colors…..and painful indecision for what I like best. It has been very difficult to pick one style to have myself “known” to create or re- create.

Therefore….I choose ALL!!


Hi, I ‘m Jackie, and I figured the only way to satisfy my itch, so to speak, is not to limit myself to any one thing. That being said, if I like a piece of furniture and it “speaks to me” whether its french provincial, rustic farmhouse, contemporary, or just plain antique/vintage, I will enjoy recreating it into something new and exciting! If there’s a story behind a piece, I love it more… And sometimes find it hard to part with….and sometimes, I DON’T !!! I can always find a place in my house for something when I absolutely love it!


Just Create

In the past I have had many reserves about doing this sort of thing, fears that no one would like what I do, but as I move forward and ‘just create’, I don’t over think it, I keep it simple, and ultimately folks like it!

I love tchotchkes (just ask my very patient husband who calls them knick knacks and paddy wacks!) So, if I see something with potential or an item that can be made into something else… well you get the picture… snatch it up and get to work!

Jackie and her bird


My Little Birdie

I adore birds and I’ve owned this little guy since he was 4 months old, he is the incentive for the name “my little birdie told me” although what he really does is just mumble a whole lot of nothing… non stop all day…. he has a crazy personality and spends a lot of time laying on his back bonking himself in the head with his little stuffed toys; he is like owning a perpetual 2 year old… never a dull moment in our home!

I am a garage sale junkie, I’ll scour the local thrift stores, flea markets, old barns and attics and I also don’t mind picking something up off the side of the road.

It is very true… one mans “junque” really is another mans (or woman’s) TREASURE!

I find much joy in doing what I do but never do I want to be so caught up in myself or any project that I lose track of what is most important to me in my life; my awesome God, my beautiful husband, my “kids” (2 dogs and a bird), family and friends! And at the end of the day these ARE the things that really, really matter!


Psalm 18:2


Do you have any questions for me? If so then please email me!