Lincoln Mills Treasures

Lincoln Mills Treasures


How I found my way to “Lincoln Mills Treasures”

My name is Kim, married to a wonderful man for 20 plus years. I have a strong love for animals, a desire to be the best I can be and here is how I found my way to “Lincoln Mills Treasures”.

I spent 27 years working in corporate America. Though I am grateful for the successful job that I had, time as AVP over Audit and Control was coming to an End. Life’s direction was taking a turn. With much Prayer, thought and discussion with my husband, I decided not to go back down the corporate path. This indeed was a scary decision, not knowing where I would go or what I would do.

Well, Gods plan is perfect! For several years my husband and I helped our neighbor (Henry). He become a big part of our family and was like a grandfather to us. Little did we know, during the 1st year I was unemployed, it would be Henry’s last year with us. I was able to spend that year tending to him to ensure his time left was filled with as much joy as possible. Henry was a wonderful man that served in WWII. He loved to go antiquing and to auctions. He was a good craftsman with building furniture. Henry had a small business several years ago selling antiques. His business name was “Lincoln Mills Antiques.”

I then started going to garage, estate and rummage sales with a good friend (Lisa). I also got involved with small estate/household clean-outs and re-purposing furniture – The fun task of “Trash to Treasures.”

I was then realizing more and more that my interest and creativity was growing. I never imagined that life would change so much in my mid Forties, but it did and that was OK. I now finally found a hobby, something I truly enjoy.


Going Down the Picker’s Path

My friend (Lisa) and I referred to ourselves as the “Girl American Pickers”, “Lucy and Ethel”. We have so much fun and a lot of laughs throughout our treasure search – from sales, to picking, to household/estate clean-outs. During this journey I’ve had many thoughts of Henry, my father-n-law (Rudy) and Lisa’s Mom (Mama Gliem) as they were all collectors of everything! We would often say with a chuckle – how proud that Henry, Rudy and Mama Gliem would be of us – going down the picker’s path.

To keep from becoming a hoarder of stuff, we then started to have occasional sales in my Barn/Yard and meeting many great people along the way was an added benefit!


A New Journey

As I improved with re-purposing furniture, creating garden décor and more, I began volunteering and displaying my inspired treasures at the “City Chic Country Charm Elegant Barn Sale.” At the grand age of “50” I was asked by two very talented ladies (Jackie & Sandy) to join them in partnership with “City Chic and Country Charm.” These two have inspired me and are such a blessing to work with.

With encouraging success, much support from many friends & family members and by the grace of God, my creativity continues to grow. I am looking forward to this new journey with Jackie and Sandy. So, with all of this said, I tweaked Henry’s business name – Thus “Lincoln Mills Treasures.”

This continues to be a challenging, but growing adventure. I truly feel blessed that God has opened so many doors for me to go through. Life is filled with many trials and there truly is a reason for everything that happens. Sometimes we understand and sometimes we don’t, but through life’s journey, we can learn to be a better person with whatever we do or where ever we end up. Never give up or stand idle, but to trust in God in everything we do! Be inspired, believe in your dreams and be creative because we only have one life to live. So Live it! Love it and be kind to each other.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you at our occasional elegant barn sale!