Sassy Chic

Sassy Chic

SandyHi, I’m Sandy and a small part of me is still a child full of wonder. You see, I love fairy-tales, Disneyland, thatched-roof cottages with deep windowsills and meadows filled with wildflowers. Toad stools, leprechauns and anything that’s furry. I think I could be very happy living in a Hobbit House!

I also love medieval castles and the stone chateaus of Provence. I love chunky gold frames, the old ‘Masters’ and rustic wormwood furniture; shabby chic, whimsical and a little touch of the unexpected. I find inspiration from all these things and love to mix and match different styles and periods.

I’m like a kid in a candy store whenever I see all the beautiful things God has created in this world and all the wonderfully beautiful things created by His people with the gifts He has given them. I want to see it, feel it, touch it, do it all!


How I Got From There to Here

I’ve always had a vivid imagination and a need to express myself artistically. My own humble artistic journey started around age five. I created my first little book of drawings; a stapled hodgepodge of assorted subjects including ladies in gowns, out-of-proportion houses, and tall lamps with enormous shades, to name a few. A treasure lovingly preserved and presented to me decades later by my sister Pauline.

From as early as I can remember, I was always drawing something. Once in third grade I was sent to the dreaded Principal’s office. My crime was wasting paper by drawing in my ‘arithmetic’ notebook. Obviously a huge offense back then!

Growing up I loved making my own paper dolls and designing glamorous outfits for them. When I learned to sew around age twelve, I thought I would love to be a famous fashion designer. When I graduated from high school I had won several art awards including a summer scholarship to an art school in New York. But, coming from a large family and ‘old-world’ parents – college and an art career was too frivolous and not to be. So I figured it was not meant for me to use the gift I had been given and followed in my older sisters’ footsteps and became a secretary instead.

My first job was at a local college, where I was soon ‘discovered’ and became the unofficial artist for the library. I designed covers for their small monthly publication and created my first ‘sculpture’ for one of many displays. A giant 8 foot filigreed gold key. While there I audited some art classes, but was told by my instructor that there was nothing more he could teach me. A few years later I married and moved to Rochester. End of my pseudo art career!

SandyI became a stay-at-home mom raising my two beautiful kids – all grown up now and whom I am wildly proud of. During this part of my life I discovered I loved decorating – and so I busied myself sewing draperies, painting furniture and turning their rooms into little fantasies. I made floor cloths crisscrossed with roads and cityscapes for my son Sammy to race his matchbox cars across and doll cloths for Barbie and Chrissy for my daughter Debi, and every Hall-o-ween I loved stretching my imagination by creating some wildly bizarre costumes.

Time passed, the kids were growing up and I was having more time on my hands. At Mass one Sunday, it was announced that a brand new parish was being formed and my husband Sam and I jumped in with both feet. The priest wanted a banner made for the barn where we would be having our first Mass (we had no building or land as of yet), and I was asked to make it. Shortly thereafter I became the church’s secretary. God surely does work in mysterious ways. As we grew and obtained land, our campus started to grow and my ‘hats’ became many. I added to my responsibilities, Office and Property Manager, Social Director and Liturgical Artist. I didn’t become a fashion designer or have a noted art career like I dreamed of as a child. But, I was allowed the privilege of being in the thick of all the building committees and designing aspects of our beautiful church. Some of the things I designed were our new logo and the first altars and pulpit. I crafted all of the tapestries and banners that hung in the church and the one I love most of all is a wood sculpture, 7 feet tall, of the risen Christ I designed that hangs behind our altar. God certainly did not forget my young aspirations and I hope I honored Him with all He allowed me to accomplish during my time there.


A New Chapter

Well, my first grandchild was on the way, so I left my job to help babysit her. I was now a stay-at-home Nana and I loved every minute of it. In addition to that, I busied myself redecorating the house, resumed making Hall-o-ween costumes for my granddaughter and did an occasional event for the church. When my granddaughter started school I once again had too much time on my hands, loads of energy and creativity I still needed to expend. Be serious, I told myself, what could possibly come along at my age. The phone rang, it was my daughter-in-law Jackie, someone who shares my passion, and she had a proposition for me. So a new chapter of my life began, full of trepidation and promise, once again starting in a barn, and once again doing something I love.