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As I stepped out the garage door to take my morning jaunt, the briskness hit me quick and heavy~I turned around and went back inside…for a hat! As I started my short journey, immediately I heard it…..nothing! For a Friday morning there wasn’t a car on the road. I just embraced the silence. My feet crunched in the uninterrupted snow. In the distance a wood pecker hammers away on an unfortunate tree. As I round the corner his hammering disappears. Then, a swoosh of a car, then another, then silent again. I ponder the day, January 1st, 2016~WOW~ another year gone, another 365 days I can never get back! Makes you think huh? How fast time goes, how speedy our little lives just rush right on by. I’m not interested in resolutions. In the past, when I’ve tried making them, I failed within a week, maybe two. They are just depressing to me, shows my failures more that progress. So what I do like to do is get a fresh start, a new outlook on my life. Re-evaluate my goals, learn from some of my past mistakes or procrastinations. I don’t commit per say, but I do take a long hard look. How can I spend more time with the ones I love, make better use of my time? I’m not trying to quit something or start something, just make what I already have better, stronger, sweeter, happier! I want my heart to sing, I want to seize every opportunity, be more creative, think freely; I envision great things. Today! Now! Every today, as it comes, don’t wait for tomorrow, but love today! It’s gonna be the best day EVER!! Enjoy your today…it’s the only one you...

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We are really blessed to have an over abundance of guest vendors and artists joining the Elegant Barn Sale this spring!…. Step back in time for a small slice of yesteryear with GRANDPA BOB and his vintage style candy store Or spoil yourself with a six pack of artisan cookies from Mike @ GRIFFEN BAKERY Sit a spell and grab a cup of coffee or tea from JOHANNA’S or stay for lunch….. Karens cookin’ up chicken & steak pita wraps, DELICIOUS! Nance will introduce you to WILDTREE NATURAL HERBS, organic spices & culinary blends to promote a healthier lifestyle. Nance also has a very creative side…. WRITE IT DOWN handmade journals. Versatile & original, use for recipes, photos, travel, guest book, or prayer journal, just to name a few! As you continue to wander through the front yard stop & say hello to ESTRELLA and CLOVER our guest goats! And the handmade goat milk soaps from CHICORY FARMS! Katrina will have a plethora of VINTAGE JEWLRY and Loris tent will be filled with repurposed goods, from THE IT GIRLS. Sandra will help you fill your home & your senses with her waxes & warmers from SANDY SHEAS SCENTSY. See Susan @ the BLUFF POINT FOLK ART tent for plaques and signs and sayings, oh my!! Jeff from 3D CRITTERS has carved your favorite animals out of tree stumps…with a chain saw! Melodie will show you how you can interchange your Jewelry with MAGNABILITIES, a genius concept! And Karen from MAXON STONE will create a Garden topia with her fresh spring flower pot arrangements As you head into the barn, meet our mascot PENELOPE (PENNY for short) This is where everything you’ve been hearing & reading about comes to life. New, old, left as is; all the inspiration, creation, & styles will transform the inside of this old barn. Beautiful displays & vignettes from SASSY CHIC, LINCOLN MILLS TRESURES, & MY LITTLE BIRDIE TOLD ME~ joined by Gwenda from URBAN FARMHOUSE Phyllis from ACCENTS AMERICANA Mary from ONCE IN A WHILE And Debra with a bunch of good ol’ vintage/antique goods! Make one more stop, “THE CURIOSITIES SHOPPE” in the loft of the barn where you will find many more tidbits & antique treasures. Paula makes TUFFETS that will make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale. MR. TWEEDS WHIMSY’s , Pat, creates beautiful keepsake luxury pillows. SWEET BABY JANES turns wine bottles into flower vases, and LEENIE LIGHTS makes them into lamps. Lynn @ DOGBEAD brings us more unique repurposed goods, and Sue from BORN AGAIN CHAIRS does just that … gives chairs new life! And finally…SNAPSHOTS BY SAM MALONEY are photos taken by an autistic young man & and his mom Debra who makes them into greeting/note cards. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU AT…..THE ELEGANT BARN SALE CITY CHIC AND COUNTRY CHARM MAY 17th, 8:00am-4:00pm & May 18th, 10:00am-4:00pm XO, KIM, SANDY, &...

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You’ve heard the slogan “blue or green or some other color is the new black. But I am gonna go a step in the other direction and declare…. “Pink is the new White”! I am loving pink these days. Pink furniture especially! But not just furniture… PINK DRESSES . PINK FLOWERS, OR A VINTAGE PINK TRUCK!! I would love to get my hands on this OLD PINK...

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Let me take you there… The rustic patina of a plank table or a weathered wood cabinet. Imagine stepping barefoot onto ruff hewn barn wood floors, or dozing off on your own sleeping porch. Inhale the sweet smell of fresh hay, fields of wild lavender & snips from the backyard herb garden. “Country Charm” is farm fresh eggs, attic heirlooms, handmade quilts & plump berries right off the vine. Chili cook offs, the crackle of a campfire, fireflies & roasted marshmallows. Make your way to the country to an authentic farmers market or a weekend ho-down! Ahh… live in the country is so charming! I do believe “Country Charm” is my personal favorite. But, personal feelings aside, The “Country Charm” aspect of the Elegant Barn Sale is sure to be… Delightful, Alluring, Quaint, Rustic & Unpolished. So why don’t you join us for some original CITY CHIC AND COUNTRY...

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With the Elegant Barn Sale just weeks away, I thought I would try and get you amped up for the event! Touching on the category of our name. “CITY CHIC” , traditional styles with contemporary twists. Like sleek metals with exaggerated curves. Modern art, bold colors and mercury glass. A loft apartment with brick walls & urban design. ARE YOU GETTING THE FEVER? From skylines, subway art, industrial & modern to roof top & balcony gardens these are all elements that can make up “City Chic” design! Our “City Chic” aspect of the Elegant Barn Sale is sure to be classy, smart, vogue &...

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I got the fever….Spring Fever that is! With the temps peaking in the 40’s we are well on our way. I find myself anxiously starring at the ground, awaiting that first bud. Will it be a hyacinth, or maybe a daffodil?! Either way it will be lovely! As I was heading out to the barn the other day I was startled by the rustling of something in the wood pile. I stopped in my tracks and out hops a little Carolina Wren with a beak full of leaves. Now we all know what that little bird is up to….A Nest!!! A sure sign we are on our way to spring. That same week, I was outside with the dogs and I hear a squirrel running up and around a tree. When I spot him (or her, not sure), with a mouth full of leaves, I watch till it gets to its destination, a fairly large nest it’s building… babies?, soon??! There are sure signs of spring everywhere. The grass will seem extra green, the flowers will smell extra sweet, the air will feel extra clean. Everything is so new again! OH WAIT… more snow flurry first,...

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Relax…..the word itself says put your feet up, sit back, sink in. Have a cup of tea, turn the lights low, put on some soft music. But can we really relax? Really shut off, be still and actually relax! In a world full of hustle & bustle I think we have forgotten (or lost) the art of relaxation! How can we “shut it down”, decompress, turn off the noise? Think of days gone by, folks would sit on their front porch swing with a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade….and that was it…relax. Have you ever laid in a field of grass in the summertime and watched the sky passing by, giving the clouds an identity of some animal shape? Try sitting by the seaside and watch the waves crash ever so consistently on the shoreline. Listen to the enormity of the ocean….and relax! Take in a sunrise…sunsets are easy, we all catch a sunset once in a while, (don’t get me wrong, also beautiful), but a sunrise captures a whole new set of emotions, to watch it from a hilltop, or the ocean, or a large stretch of land; somewhere that you can capture its magnificence from the moment it touches the horizon…..and relax. For a quick moment you can almost hear its appearance. It’s the strangest yet most beautiful thing! How about the stars, to find a spot you’ve got to go far enough out as not to get the hue of “city” lights; lay in the snow, prop a chair in the grass, you can even lay on the hood or roof of you car and take in the night sky. Listen to the peaceful quiet of the stars as they dangle out there, watch them twinkle. Maybe you’ll catch one shooting across the galaxy! No sound just your heartbeat….and just...

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I hate to exercise, just can’t get into it. I fantasize about looking great, but, the actual task of it makes me sad!! My idea of a great workout is lugging home an unwanted piece of furniture to re-purpose…or struggling with too many bags on my way out of TJ Maxx…or maybe even digging in the dirt to do some gardening! Throwing the frisbee for my dogs is my kinda exercise-especially in the snow when I have to do more traipsing back and forth cause neither one will bring it back to me. It’s really more a game of fetch for me….What a Workout!! So, today I think I will hit the local thrift stores and see if I can get in a good workout. If I keep up a good pace I should be fit and ready come barn sale time,...

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The pure white of the winter fallen snow. Or the crisp cold air, it makes you feel alive! I sit next to the fireplace sunk into my old comfy chair that embraces me like a warm hug, and I gaze out my back door into the yard and  I ponder….what makes winter romantic?  I try to find reasons to love where I live. I’ll tell you that I love all four seasons, and that I don’t want to live somewhere that only has one;  the same thing day after day. So let’s address the winter season in upstate New York…… Have you ever watched the snow fall, I mean really watched it, stood outside and let the flakes fall all around you? Think about it, there really is nothing else that can fall from the heavens in such magnitude, (except maybe rain, but that an get old real fast, unless your 9), so many of them plummeting from the sky, landing on you and yet you’ll never feel any pain, they are nothing, and yet they are a most incredible creation, each and every one different. Falling to the ground in utter silence….Stillness. And as they land on the ground the accumulation produces a landscape of white…pure white. The birds still sing in the cold of the air, the deer still frolic and play, the ducks still gather on the canal where there is the slightest bit of water left unfrozen. The trees still stand in all there glory, each branch balancing just the right amount of snow, what a beautiful sight. A WINTER ROMANCE…. A walk though the park reveals a silence almost deafening, until the silence is broken with the song of one small chickadee. What a wonder, this season we call winter. So give up your cabin fever. Go outside and breath! As for me, I’m throwing on my hat and scarf, zipping up my boots, and heading out, the snow crunches beneath my feet, I head past the wood pile, past the bird feeders, and past the small picket fence, to the barn, where I do all my creating. There is much to do before spring!  Maybe I will paint something white today!  Blessings to you all!...

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