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As I stepped out the garage door to take my morning jaunt, the briskness hit me quick and heavy~I turned around and went back inside…for a hat! As I started my short journey, immediately I heard it…..nothing!
For a Friday morning there wasn’t a car on the road. I just embraced the silence. My feet crunched in the uninterrupted snow. In the distance a wood pecker hammers away on an unfortunate tree. As I round the corner his hammering disappears.
Then, a swoosh of a car, then another, then silent again.
I ponder the day, January 1st, 2016~WOW~ another year gone, another 365 days I can never get back! Makes you think huh? How fast time goes, how speedy our little lives just rush right on by.
I’m not interested in resolutions. In the past, when I’ve tried making them, I failed within a week, maybe two. They are just depressing to me, shows my failures more that progress. So what I do like to do is get a fresh start, a new outlook on my life. Re-evaluate my goals, learn from some of my past mistakes or procrastinations. I don’t commit per say, but I do take a long hard look. How can I spend more time with the ones I love, make better use of my time? I’m not trying to quit something or start something, just make what I already have better, stronger, sweeter, happier! I want my heart to sing, I want to seize every opportunity, be more creative, think freely; I envision great things. Today!
Now! Every today, as it comes, don’t wait for tomorrow, but love today!
It’s gonna be the best day EVER!!
Enjoy your today…it’s the only one you get!